What is popular culture?

Take the top 10 percent of all art, music, writings, entertainment, etc and throw it out the window.  Now do the same thing to the bottom 10 percent.  The remaining collection of stuff is popular cultrure.  It is almost everything that makes our own culture go round.

Pictured above, is an arcade box.  These were quite popular in the 80s and early 90s.  Before gaming became mainstream (pop culture) people would have to go to an arcade and feed quarters into machines like these to play games.  Now with the advant of console systems that double as dvd and bluray players and facebook, games are as mainstream as they get now.  The amount of money spent on videogames is now in the billions each year.

An understanding of pop culture is extremely important in the business world.  You don’t want to seem elitist or a bumpkin to your employees/clients (either the upper or lower 10%).